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Balbur Organic Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil|有机冷压亚麻油 – 德国 | 250ml


Balbur Flaxseed oil is cold pressed and bottled fresh. German engineering art: specially developed press and mill technology for the production of food and BIO oils. All ingredients involved in the production and resource (for production, storage and packaging) came from Germany controlled biological cultivation regionally and nationally. No heavy metals and pesticides by certified cultivation and specially adapted technique Regular review of the Flaxseed oil by food laboratory No genetically modified seed. We draw on longstanding firm clients from agriculture Only stainless steel vessels involved in production process. As a result no plasticizers or other chemicals are located in linseed oil The flaxseed is sourced from a few, selected farmers with many years of experience This gentle production with extremely low press temperature the flavor and avoids the transition from bitter. Flaxseed oil has a particularly high proportion of Omega-3 fatty acids. The Flaxseed oil should never be used for baking or frying. Refrigerate after opening.

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