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Thuringer Landgarten Demeter Sauerkraut | 720ml


Sun kissed Cabbage in a Bottle with Thuringer Landgarten – Demeter Sauerkraut,

Who wants to have a tasteful cabbage in a bottle? Worry no more because Thuringer Landgarten – Demeter Sauerkraut is already available. It is made from fresh cabbage, nurtured by experienced farmers, and harvested without the touch of any chemicals or pesticides. It is made organic for the betterment of health both children and adults. Along with its natural process of preservation are its natural value. It is made with typical mild aroma for the gentle yet wholesome consumption. Jump-packed your soup, meat, stew, or salad recipes now and taste how a classic ingredient change your lifestyle. Have an enjoyable meal like its summer!

Ingredients: White cabbage, sea salt.

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