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100% Pure Black Sesame Powder|100%純黑芝麻粉 | 454g


Smell Asian Cuisine at your Kitchen with Condix Balance 100% Black Sesame Powder

This enticing Condix Balance 100% Black Sesame Powder brings you the delicate aroma of Asian people with its flavorful and delightful taste. Black sesame is believed as one of the greatest spices we have in the whole world and it is also considered as the commonly used spice by people in Asian countries. Aside from its natural flavor, zero sugar, and creamer touch, black sesame powder also purifies our body through its rich antioxidant component. Moreover, people who are suffering from thin hair, constipation, metabolism, and aging find refuge by adding this in any menu. So, if you want to travel the world trough food, go organic, use Condix Balance 100% Black Sesame Powder.

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