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Yuan Shun Organic Buckwheat & Brown Rice Spaghetti 源顺有機蕎麥糙米麵條 240g


This product contains tartary buckwheat called “Golden Buckwheat”. Brown rice and buckwheat are low GI whole grains. Buckwheat is not only low in calories, but also contains water-soluble dietary fiber; therefore ~ ​​”Organic Buckwheat Brown Rice Stew” It is a good ingredient to provide you with health care!

  • 100% whole grain, gluten-free, zero additives, dietary fiber, natural Q texture

Cooking method:

Boil about 800ml of water required for 1pcs rice spaghetti.

  1. Put the rice spaghetti into boiling water and keep the water slightly boiling. Cook for approx 8-12 minutes on medium heat. (You can consider the time according to your preference)
  2. Drain the rice spaghetti from boiling water and scoop under cold water to increase the Q of the rice spaghetti. (This step is for reference only or you may cook according to your preference.) Add the prepared sauce and ingredients to enjoy the natural and delicious rice noodles.

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