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Sauce Co He Feng Bamboo Salt Miso 味榮和風竹鹽天然大豆味噌 (細) | 500g


Wei Jung Food Industry (Sauce Co) had over 70 years of fermented experiences in manufacturing and a popular brand in Taiwan. Using Non GMO Soybean , Rice and Korea 3 Times Roasted Bamboo Salt. Refrigerate after opening.

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All-in-one seasonings are rampant nowadays. They come with instant tastes of all the spices in the world. Unfortunately, healthy benefits do not tag along. With Taste Original Bamboo Salt, flavors go together with health-giving minerals. How is this possible? Simple, the ingredients that made it are all natural, take for example sea salt or rock salt, which is produced through evaporation process of ocean water. Another ingredient is the bamboo essence that are purified to increase minerals. According to study, the combination of both produces an alkalizing effect as it is mixed with soup or any type of food. Have a tasteful meal now, and suffice your craving appetite!


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