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Mogli Moothie Guava | 100g


Fruity, Creamy Goodness: Mogli – Demeter Puree

Looking for fresh fruits for your baby? Well, there’s no need to go out and do some harvesting mommies because Mogli – Demeter Puree does the job for you. It is an organic baby food made smooth for your baby to love and enjoy. It comes with different variety of fruits such as apples, bananas, apricots, guavas, mangos, strawberries, and many more.  Furthermore, it is 100 % made of pure fruit, no preservatives added. This is to assure all the mommies in the world of its essential benefits to keep your babies healthy and strong. If it tastes fruity and creamy, then it is Mogli – Demeter Puree.

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