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Dr Rice Cookie – Original 美好人生 Dr.Rice 稻鴨米餅 (原味) | 75g


It’s Crunchy; it’s Healthy; it’s Dr Rice Golden Rice Cookie

Kids would always crave for snacks, may it be doughnuts, pasta, bread, or cookie. But as parents, you should always pick what is best for them. When we say best, it is not about the quantity but rather the quality, which includes its nutritional value. Fill in your cookie jar with Dr Rice Golden Rice Cookie, a crunchy snack with tons vitamins and minerals. It is packed with real rice, sea salt, and seaweed calcium. These ingredients are freshly picked from a farm that naturally grows rice without using any pesticides. So, do you have a hungry kiddo in the house? Then, problem solved with Dr. Rice Golden Rice Cookie!

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