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Master Mi Bung Pop – Grape (22 sticks) (Suitable for 5 Months Above)|寶寶果然棒棒-大村葡萄口味 | 55g


Direct delivery from the origin, fresh and delicious
Strictly selected non-toxic vitality farms
hope that newborn babies who have not yet grown teeth can enjoy the deliciousness and health of fresh fruits. Dad Xiaoxing specially selects the “Changhua Dacun vitality grapes” that have high nutritional value and are grown with natural farming methods and are non-toxic. Mom provides the most natural, healthy and safe fruit brown rice supplement for newborn babies.

Kyoho grapes bred in Dacun, Changhua Dacun
Township: The climate is warm and dry, and the soil is soft. The fruit is round and plump, sweet and juicy, which is the most natural and unburdened delicacy for babies.

Growing supplements specially designed for babies. In
cooperation with nutritionists, we develop healthy and natural foods that are most suitable for each stage of baby development and learning.
★ 8 kinds of nutritional supplements
★ exercise grasping ability
★ exercise swallowing ability
★ never add artificial flavors, preservatives

Intimate suggestion: Parents should let their children sit and eat their babies, and they should accompany them to eat together to ensure safety and increase parent-child interaction.
Storage conditions: Store at room temperature, please eat as soon as possible after unpacking.
Peace of mind
Passed ISO 22000 food safety management system certification.
Passed HACCP hazard analysis key control system certification.
Passed SGS food inspection certification.


Ingredients: White Rice, Brown Rice, Grape Powder, Apple Powder, Cane Sugar, Fe, Ca, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Fructo, Bifidobacterium

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