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Aronia Original Organic Dynamic 3 Pure Juice 700ml


The new multi-fruit juice Dynamic 3 is part of the new KÖSTLICH edition by Aronia ORIGINAL. The Dynamic 3 combines – like all mixed juices of this edition – conscious nutrition with pleasure in order to inspire even more people for the aronia berry. It arises from a finely balanced composition of aronia juice with a light grape and rounded, full plum. Selected raw materials and a real connection to regional and European suppliers guarantee short transport routes and sustainable high product quality. We stand for foods that deserve this name and whose taste reflects their naturalness.

Special feature: With the knowledge of dark berries and fruits, we present you with the Dynamic 3, a delicious mixed juice that consists exclusively of not-from-concentrate juices in organic quality. Whether pure, as a fruity fresh juice spritzer or as an addition to smoothies – the Dynamic 3 tastes good! We recommend 200 ml of the mixed juice daily.

Ingredients: 45% aronia juice *, 38% grape juice *, 17% plum juice *
* from organic farming. Made in Germany. DE-ÖKO-006

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